Going in a New Direction

I’ve realized in my short time “working” with my camera that photographing people and then handing over my photographs to them is not what I want to do.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE taking pictures of people. I love taking pictures FOR people. But I am, by nature, a journalist, I guess. And I have discovered that when I take pictures, I also want to tell a story. And taking pictures of friends/families for their friends/families doesn’t always allow me to do this.

I see a lot of things in this world and I meet a lot of interesting people. And I’ve always been amazed at the stories they have to tell. But sometimes it takes asking just a few questions to hear what it is they want to say … sometimes the people they’ve met make them the most interesting. Sometimes their careers make them the most interesting. But sometimes, just taking their picture when they’re least expecting it is what makes them the most interesting. And the most beautiful. And those are the moments that this photographer wants to capture.

So until then I’m going to keep taking pictures. And I would love to take pictures of anyone who wants their pictures taken. But soon I’m going to embark on another adventure, down a different road. And this blog may have a different appearance, but it will still include my photographs; it will still include my words. It will contain more of a story, though.

Because pictures really do paint, at the very least, 1,000 words. And I want to try to capture all of them.Image


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