Photographing Facebook – Soccer Moms, Part I (and the first of many Jens)

When Andrew was going into 1st grade, we learned at around the same time that his teacher was going to be Ms. Coursey and his soccer coach was going to be Chris Holdgreve. The only thing we knew about Ms. Coursey was that she had taught my neighbors’ daughter and we didn’t know ANYTHING about Chris Holdgreve. It didn’t really matter – we were looking forward to the start of both.

The day after learning who was coaching and teaching Andrew, we ran into a woman in the Acme parking lot. She had with her her daughter named Caitlyn, and as it turned out, she and Andrew were in the same class AND on the same soccer team. So was my first meeting with Jen Rath.

It wasn’t until the start of the next soccer season that my friendship with Jen Rath truly started to blossom. It was during this season that Jen Rath was Andrew’s head coach (Coach Chris took on the role as assistant). Caitlyn and Andrew were together on the soccer field again, and it was great. It was during that second season that I found out how much I had in common with Jen Rath – well, kinda. 😉

We’re both a little (A LITTLE) on the competitive side. We both have children in the same grade. And I’m awesome. So there’s always that.

After that second soccer season we started a social club – “Mom’s Who Like to Drink and Swear”. We try to meet monthly. We typically succeed. Our husbands are pretty understanding – and probably pretty jealous. Rath is a Jersey girl and she keeps it in check as much as she can. But sometimes she just can’t help to let it out.

I am lucky to have found in that Acme parking lot a mom who is my confidant; my Jersey authority; and my good friend. And I’m lucky that Andrew has landed on a soccer team that allows him to play competitively and learn the game.

Let’s start planning the next outing, Rath!



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