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Photo Challenge Submission


Facebook Friends

Facebook friends. Some people collect them like they’re collecting dandelions. Some people are much more cautious. Some people unfriend for reasons like politics. For break-ups. For no reason at all. Some people know these Facebook “friends” well; some people are friends only in periphery. Some people don’t even know the people they have on their friends list.

The friends I have as my Facebook friends fall all over the graph – some of them I’ve known since kindergarten. Some of them I’ve met through marriage; some of them I’ve met through my children; some of them I’ve met through my children’s friends’ parents. Some of them I’ve worked with. Some of them I went to college with.

No matter what, I like to think I know my Facebook friends pretty well. But in an effort to prove that to myself, I’ve given myself the task of taking pictures of each friend I’ve acquired on Facebook.

This isn’t going to be easy. Some of my friends live far away (Hawaii; Hungary); some live with me (my hubs!). Some of my friends live just down the street; some live in the next town; some I see every day; and some I haven’t seen in years.

I”m not going to put a time constraint on this. It’s going to take some time. But I will finish this. Even if that means I will no longer be able to accept new friend requests … I will see each friend and I will take their picture!! I will do it!!

And I will start with the easiest ones …